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For young actor Albie Casino, playing bad boy roles is just a part of his job and it doesn't mean that he actually bullies defenseless weaklings in his spare time. In fact, he's just a regular 20-year-old guy who likes to have fun but has a stack of homework to worry about. Albie currently plays one of the supporting cast in TV5's “Confessions of a Torpe.” He plays the role of Jack Malaqui (Photo Source: Albie Casino Instagram) Work your workout into your everyday life, like Roger Blumenthal, MD, a cardiologist at Johns Hopkins Medicine."I wear a pedometer each day to monitor the number of steps I walk a day," says the American Heart Association volunteer expert. "I try to make 7,500 steps—about three miles—my minimum each and every day. If one does not have a pedometer Albie’s downfall Meanwhile, some netizens are dissatisfied with Andi’s response as her false accusation took a negative effect on Albie’s personal life and career. In 2010, Albie was one of the rising teen stars when his tandem with Kathryn Bernardo in Mara Clara became a hit. Andi Eigenmann answered directly a netizen's opinion of her not apologizing to ex-BF Albie Casiño. The actress' side of the story immediately went viral online. 18 Nov - Actor Albie Casino has denied allegations made by ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann that he has been talking about their paternity issue in interviews. According to PEP, previously, Eigenmann denied that Casino has anything to do with her daughter, Ellie Belle, and criticised the "On the Wings of Love" star for expressing relief that he was not the girl's father. I had this grand plan since I was a kid, since my mom was bringing me to the protest rallies, to become a lawyer, that I’m going to find the people who killed Uncle Ninoy and then I’m going to put them in jail and I’m going to be President. That was my grand plan from when I was nine and probably up until 18. And then it all changed, and I’ve learned since then that I probably should

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